Orthodontics is a specialist category of dentistry. It should only be carried out by a suitably trained and experienced dentist or orthodontist. Dr. Vassileva is very experienced practising orthodontics, and is constantly retraining in the latest techniques.

Orthodontics can make a major difference to a patients overall dental health and their gum condition. It can also greatly enhance a patients confidence by improving their smile.

Our orthodontic fee scale is very competitive and includes all visits and retainers. Patients who have completed their orthodontic treatment can avail of our special offer on teeth whitening to create a lovely straight white smile!

Dr. Vassileva is very experienced practising orthodontics

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We provide the following:

  • Children’s orthodontics which can correct problems such as crooked and prominent teeth.
  • Adult orthodontics which can play a role in aesthetics and preparing the mouth for future crown and implant treatments.
  • Cosmetic orthodontics such to correct minor tooth alignment problems.
  • Lingual orthodontics which is invisible and allows the brackets to be placed on the inside of the teeth.